12 sie 2019 Methamphetamine, sometimes referred to as crystal, ice, speed, blue, or meth, is a stimulant (upper) that can be used to increase To recover methamphetamine hydrochloride. State cuts Meth clean-up payback. Nov 29, 2021 · Meth Comedown Symptoms. As methamphetamine is associated with a high potential for misuse, the drug is regulated under the Controlled Substances Act and is listed under Schedule II in the United States. You can drink ethanol in legal alcoholic drinks (in moderation, of course), and as most of us know, it results in drunkenness, headaches, and nausea. Mar 31, 2021 · Pioneering fuel project. Soaking your pipe will ensure that it is clean. 4 Revision Date 03/19/2014 Print Date 09/15/2014 Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool and well-ventilated Warm methanol is used as a solvent in a cleaning operation. The emissions consist mostly of water vapor and carbon dioxide. That is why we wash meth with acetone and keep what remains. The benefit to cost ratio is good and, for anything forced induction, it's also a safety net. Dampen the cloth with water and wring out excess water. 6 maj 2020 Meth lab decontamination. May 01, 2020 · A water boost for methanol synthesis. Not even the Earth itself. Sep 19, 2011 · Water meth cleaning. Sodium metal reacts when it comes in contact with water. as the liquid evaporates, the meth will remove itself from the alcohol as crystals as it can’t stay dissolved in cold alcohol. An experimental work has been carried out in order to examine the removal of methanol from methanol-water mixture using activated sludge. Montevideo in Uruguay under water following unprecedented heavy rains, a month's worth of rain in 2 hours - nearly 6 inches in just an HOUR. A lot of the substances that are added to Illegal drug lab services (i. Pitts DS-0908-41 September 30, 2008 September 30, 2020 Able Bio Recovery (435) 531-1830 Browse 218 meth stock videos and clips available to use in your projects, or search for meth lab or meth pipe to find more stock footage and b-roll video clips. Methanol is produced naturally in the anaerobic metabolism of many varieties of bacteria. In addition, children are more likely to be abandoned by parents who use meth or taken away by social services or other authorities. 1 calls for universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water. Vehicle: 2001 White PreRunner Extra Cab 3. Empty the pipes by turning on the faucets. Bio-Clean offers the nation's most proffessional, afforadable Meth Lab Decontamination Services. When it stays too long without changing it, it starts to harbor bacteria, viruses and mold. Water, (various types): Water is essential to Methanol production. Cleaning with alcohol: general method. Call Bio Clean Melbourne for safe, rapid and professional meth lab cleaner services. Medical detox is considered to be the safest, most effective method of treating methamphetamine withdrawal. And then I'd feel as though my own personal due diligence was DONEScrape together the clean meth crystals that did not. The use of Methanol is very common in tuned Petrol cars to lower charge temperatures and allow optimal spark advance, while minimilising the risk of Detaonation, Also Water Methanol can be very uselfull to keep inlet ports clean on Direct Injection engines, where they lack the fuel washing over the inlet tract to keep it free from carbon, we The clean DME production starts with clean hydrogen generation, continues with clean methanol synthesis and ends with clean DME synthesis using renewable energy sources. cleaning stainless-steel fridge with microfiber cloth. Use a lint-free wipe and cotton swab to gently rub the surface clean of dirt and residues. When there's a clean shot, they squirt each other with thin streams of water. In Greece there is no store to buy eclipse fluid (: Jul 10, 2010 · The only thing I don't like about hot water is, when you boil the resin off, all the resins and oils float to the top and settle on the surface of the water. Water is essential for life. 5”W), this F. If you own a property that has been used as a meth lab, you may require assistance from Arizona Accident and Trauma Services. Acetone/Nail Polish Remover. Water Injection or Water Methanol Injection, is a process by which a mixture or water and Methanol are The evaporative effects of the water/meth mixture, plus the octane boost, allows you to It is full of oils that also clog the screen on the nozzle. MetaCleaner allows to remove metadata from documents or files that you had no intention of including or disclosing. But even if MSM was the cut, you would have both MSM and gear in a puddle of water inside Once you start hearing it, that MSM is gonna dissolve in the water too. Sample 1: In preparing the catecholase extract, a potato was skinned, washed, and diced. Prevention, enforcement tactics used. This item: AEM (30-3300) V2 1-Gallon Water/Methanol Injection Kit with Internal MAP Sensor. Feb 07, 2021 · Been clean now from meth 5 months . 00 $ 314. Wish I could find the recipe for thisFlint officials will not face racketeering charges over poison water crisis; Michigan AG disbanded prosecution team building case for three years. Dyno Test: How Much Power Does Water-Methanol Injection With A Custom Tune Really Add?Water Methanol Injection was developed between World War I and World War II to help overloaded aircraft generate enough There are loads of other benefits like fuel economy, its ability to steam clean the intake, combustion chamber and Tuning Water/Meth with Speed DensityJafromobile. close-up, rack focus shot of a metal spoon in the foreground and a La Loma, Tlalnepantla, Mexico, Real Clean Distribuciones SA de CV is voluntarily recalling all lots it manufactured within expiry of the following brand names of hand sanitizers: Substantial Meth labs can be found in places like warehouses, homes, motel rooms, car trunks—even in the middle of the woods. All ingredients: Water, Dipropylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Sea Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sea Salt, Hyaluronic AcidWater/meth injection aka chemical cooling is fair superior to any type of physical intercooler. They go into the air and are carried by winds for greatEthylene Glycol based water solutions are common in heat-transfer applications where the temperature in the heat transfer fluid can be below 32oF (0oC). I don't think you can go wrong and you will be suprised on the extra performance you get with Water / meth injection without a tune. Methanol is a colourless liquid that boils at 64. How Much Water Is Used? On average, the Tech Sonic Cleaning process uses less than 4000 gal per heat exchanger, and generally, 95% less water thanWater damage can unexpectedly happen and leave hideous damage that affects your home's aesthetic and even weakens its structure. Sep 06, 2016 · Methamphetamine hydrochloride is the salt commonly known as crystal meth or P in NZ. Jessica Mays Meth Contamination. If all soil pores are filled with water the soil is said to be saturated. Availability and access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services is fundamental to fighting the virus and preserving the health and well-being of millions. Clean Meth With Water Sparingly sol in ethe. be careful, dry alcohol is flammable (less than tone but still a danger) what i have used that works is bring a pot of water to a high boil turn off flame source put beaker full of alcohol into boiling water and let it sit. Vinegar, bi-carb soda and lemon juice are good natural cleaning Have been ranting about this bottle to everyone. It gets old real quick and keeping Methanol around the house in any significant quantities has it's own problems. Methanol burns in air forming carbon dioxide and May 06, 2015 · The sex cost 0. Scotchgard Fabric Shield 40 Ounces. Chloromethane can also enter water from industrial or municipal waste streams or from water that comes in contact with municipal or hazardous waste sites. Specialized Cleaning Services Octagon Cleaning & Restoration Provides Infection Control & Meth Lab Cleanup Services. Some looked like they were As far as the rotor coating: I took my supercharger out to clean the intercooler & intake manifolds and can tell you that the teflon coating comes off withoutWater stress is a serious issue in many parts of the world. Have naloxone on hand. To remove sediments from tank top plating. 1. It is built of four parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and one part carbon. stirred RP. Conventional production of methanol results in emissions from resource extraction, processing and production. Menifee, CA. Dec 12, 2019 · With electrolytically-derived hydrogen at its core, production of renewable methanol or eMethanol as it is also called, provides an alternative pathway for storing and using clean and renewable energy in chemicals. Cleaning up a clandestine meth lab is a dangerous and complicated process that should be handled by trained professionals. This will make the water in Minecraft looks way more clean, with this pack you can clearly see through water. hoping to clean out the motor. If alcohol pads are not available, clean the injection site with warm soap and water. Methanol Version 1. So I've read a lot about water meth injection, but at the moment I don't have the money for a kit nor the time to install it. The components are designed for 100% water and up to a 50/50 percent mixture of water and methanol. To make intelligent decisions on your water infrastructure, you need data intelligence. I have been data logging and wanted to see how farCan I clean meth with water? Meth dissolves pretty much on contact in even cold water; your best bet is to crush the entire eight ball into a fine powder, dissolve in chilled distilled water, and run that water through a coffee filter while still cold (or place crushed powder in filter and flush with cold(I work at a call center that offers in-home carpet cleaning services. Waste methanol, or water contaminated with methanol, must never be discharged directly into sewers or surface waters. Design a heat exchanger for this service. Heat to 70 oC (158oF) maximum. . (Photo courtesy of EFT Holdings) Click on the thumbnail for a high-resolution image. Shut off the water to your home. 48 wm installation kit part# hly-557-101 $ 237. Has anyone else integrated water/meth in their M2? I'm using it for 90% IAT cooling and 10% fueling as 100-110 octane never hurts, especially with our junk HPFP. After each wash, rinse the area with clean water. Usually there is a difference between water soluble Fe 2+ compounds and generally water insoluble Fe 3 Choose items to buy together. Chris Andel. Water pollution is the contamination of water environments like oceans, rivers, lakes or groundwater. Water is a nice little bit of insurance for detonation and it cleans carbon out too!Before you begin cleaning the meth, it's mandatory to perform a preliminary test to check whether the area is positive or not. We take care of water for 15 million people, building a better future for our customers, our region and our planet. Given that most people who try to detox from THC for a drug test are moderate users, it’s not surprising the 5-day Toxin Rid is even more popular than a 10-day detox (#2 best choice). ,110. The symptoms of stimulant withdrawal are often the opposite effects of intoxication. In addition, terms such as roofwater collection or rooftop water collection is also used in other countries. If you or a loved one is suffering from a meth addiction 2 mar 2020 Antidepressant and stimulant amine drugs are potential precursors for some of the most toxic compounds formed during water disinfection. Methanol is also a hazardous chemical with significant toxic, Freezing Points of Methanol/Water Solutions % by Weight % by Volume 10° 0° TEMPERATURE °C NOVOSOLUTION. i would leave it out in the sun, or you can microwave it, or you can bake it at a low temp for a couple hours. We had a shop truck that we purchased new - 2007. Some of the more popular home remedies used to try and clean your system from meth are: Baking soda and water; Baking soda bomb (baking soda, water, and bleach) Palo Azul tea, green tea, and various other types of tea; Fruit juices of pretty much any description; Cranberry juice is always specifically mentioned as a home remedy About Clean Water With Meth . Brown trout can become addicted to the illegal drug methamphetamine when it accumulates in waterways, according to new In the present study, the enantioselective environmental behaviors of methamphetamine co-exposed with microplastics through an aquatic food chain (from Clean up is required in Indiana if the methamphetamine contamination is above the action level of 0. Unscented liquid bleach (non-fiber guard) At least two gallons of water. You should never drink pure methanol. com Boiling water is the safest method of purification. The snow kit is completely automatic. Work It x Pure Water / #операзадаетритм — Missy Eliott vs Migos. We understand this can be a difficult time for you as you navigate a solution. Founder? What is it?Water is a physical need of the human body. If there's any latex paint left in the brush, it will turn the water cloudy. 0 suggests a remediation sequence and techniques. Share:. 7% increase in horsepower. means if you have coke or crizz in a bag along with other baddies and those baddies happen to be insoluble in water then logically if you pour some kind of liquid over your dope the baddies will dissolve into the liquid leaving the good stuff behind. As shown in figure 1, methanol has a broad region Technology Missions Division. In Russia there a lot of regions which are severely polluted. Meth is highly soluble in water, so the water will have all the meth in it. No single formula fits everyone. As a consequence, subsequent tenants will be exposed to the meth contamination, including children. If you have been a chronic Meth user and believe you have Meth mites on or under your skin, it is not true. If you have VAST bi-pipes this is super easy with the welded bungs. Addiction meth's worst trait. It is often manufactured as a white, bitter-tasting powder or pill, or fragments that look like glass or bluish-white rocks. When i asked her that why she done that,her answer was simple(it will make the cleaning easier and effective). 99. Water is essential for life on the Earth. By Adam Schmidt. Hand-wash the cloth using lotion-free dishwashing liquid andTag Archives: water. It can potentially enter anyone's property throughIngredients of Meth. I saw the power and mpgs for sure. Meth will not stay in your body longer than five days, but injecting it for a long period of time might keep it for up to two weeks. Even if the Meth lab doesn’t blow up, the toxins remain in the area long after the Meth lab is gone. Methanol ≥99. Mar 27, 2018 · Direct methanol fuel cells (DMFCs) utilize a mixture of methanol and deionized water (or distilled water) as the fuel for anode side. Water is a finite commodity which, if not managed properly, will result in shortages in the Fill the rest of the bottle with water and put it in your toilet tank, safely away from the operating mechanism. All of these stages are dangerous for the meth addict as he can become severely dehydrated or starve himself of food. Could someone comment? You could just grind up the pills and toss them in, and you WOULD end up with meth. Maybe a little hotter, but not by much. e. That is, it is an intensive property. bad idea! you can actually dry the water and smoke the meth that's left as a byproduct. 26. If you wear contacts, remove them and put them with the contaminated clothing. AEM water / methanol injection for turbocharged engines with up to 2. Website is out of date on some products, its 250psi. Shooting Meth can also cause vein damage, including scarring and vein collapse. Media Assessment and Documentation G2. 85% pure methanol (from a reputable chemical company) The Devils Own nozzles are made up of four parts which screw together and can easily be dismantled with a flat blade screw driver for cleaning. meth can stay in your system for seven to ten days and as much as seventeen days. We’ve been protecting human health and the environment for 50 years! During this year of our Golden Anniversary, join us as we look back over DEC’s many accomplishments. These are formulated specifically for use on eyeglass lenses. 2. i have been adjusting my tune myself for now. Methanol is a popular chemical precursor to other commodity chemicals and methylamines, converted into chemicals such as formaldehyde or acetic acid. Global water use data by year and by country. Know the meth house warning signs, understand your responsibilities as a housing provider, and be proactive in prevention to keep meth from destroying lives and your livelihood. Clair Countys Professional CleaningCrystal meth is the street form of stimulant methamphetamine. Here at PHJ Services we are professional, certified meth lab cleaners on the Gold Coast. 4. They help clean the colon and soften your stools. Discover the impressive power of H2O in this detailed article. METHANOL reacts violently with acetyl bromide [Merck 11th ed. August 10, 2016. Cone-shaped ones work the best but any will do. YOU SNORT COKE OR SNORT/SMOKE METH (IF YOU SLAM EITHER JUST PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL AND DON'T 4 kwi 2021 You're producing Anhydrous acetone, the epsom will remove any liquid water, as meth is water soluble. Take a jug with about 400 ml of water and pour about 50 ml of the cleaning liquid in it. What goes in A new way to make meth in a soda bottle with just a few house hold. there is NO NEED to 'chip' or remap for w/m that is the beauty of the stuff. BUY NOW! Glass bubbler that includes a freezable and glycerin filled hand pipe (I. After testing five mobile phases, meth-. Fluids formulated specifically for cleaning windshields generally do a better job of cleaning than just water and Chem Safe Services is a professional, full-service restoration and cleaning company serving North Queensland from Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, to the tip of Cape York. EPA Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup. The drug has a fast onset of action, and often, its intense effects dissipate rapidly, resulting in a binge and crash cycle. Disconnect the electrodes from their ports. Drinking more water is one way to flush meth out of your system. 90 Posts. Measure the mass of the crude product. Eye protection. Steamy snaps of “Amy,” clad in a scanty white negligée and a black-and-red trimmed number, and splayed across the patchwork quilt in Apr 24, 2020 · Many common household cleaning products can kill the coronavirus if you use them properly. Methanol is made from the destructive distillation of wood and is chiefly synthesized from carbon monoxide and hydrogen. 00 $ 212. According to the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment: Methanol poisoning happens when people are exposed to more methanol than their bodies can handle. Sawyer filters will bring clean water to the nearly 25% of the population that does not have access to a treated water supply. Oct 09, 2018 · When the water and methanol are mixed together, some of the existing hydrogen bonding (water-water or methanol-methanol) is disturbed and now there is hydrogen bonding between water and methanol. The amount of time that meth stays in your system depends on the dose ingested, frequency of use, and your body’s ability to process it. We then use hot water on high pressure to clean down those surfaces. after initial flushing water serves to dilute your sample. The room temperature was kept relatively constant at 23 degrees Celsius, so that the temperature would not be a variable of the solution. Metals are a part of everyday life, from utensils to jewelry to construction material. Recognizing a Meth House / Structure. Establishing cleaning limits Jan 07, 2022 · Unlike cocaine, a stimulant that’s quickly removed from and almost completely metabolized in the body, meth remains in the body —largely unchanged by the body’s metabolism—much longer, leading to prolonged stimulant effects. 1, Guidelines for cleaning up former methamphetamine labs, [34]. • If more aggressive cleaning is required (for example, when the container’s history is unknown), use the following procedure: So nicate with 10% formic or nitric acid, then water, then methanol or acetonitrile, then water. Modified Mag William Updegrove's subtly modified Toyota Celica proves the old adage that less is more. Meth labs have been found in homes, sheds, barns, motel and hotel rooms, outside in the woods, and in car trunks. Mar 23, 2015 · The cleaned piping, vessel or equipment to be flushed with fresh water or demineralized water to remove remaining chemical solution. 2 Choice of the cleaning method The choice of the cleaning method shall depend upon: a) The fluids available on the site: compressed air, steam, cooling water, service water, potable water, demineralized water Soap, cleaning compound, and toilet preparation manufacturing. May 16, 2019 · injecting the powder that has been dissolved in water/alcohol Because the "high" from the drug both starts and fades quickly, people often take repeated doses in a "binge and crash" pattern. Meth is not soluble in acetone but most other things are. When washing, change cloth rags and detergent-water solutions frequently. 12) mol. Also before the installation i would wash off the soap with deionized water and dry the substrate with brake cleaner (or acetone) and compressed air. Beil has been clean from drugs since 2019 and stopped drinking alcohol in January 2021. No wear issues only clean combustion chambers. Bowl pipe; Mouthpiece; Alcohol swab; Torch lighter. its easy as hell to make shake n bake meth. I just use water and it helps by about 150-200*. The drug is most often used by: Smoking it in a pipe. [22] Methamphetamine hydrochloride dispensed in the United States is required toWhy is meth hard to clean up? In its residual form, meth is invisible to the naked eye, so it is easy to omit areas that need thorough cleaning. The sooner you can find help, the better your body can heal. The damage of meth to the teeth is the most severe. You can distill water to further purify the water you have, to make drinking water for emergencies, or to obtain water while onWater (chemical formula H2O) is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms (in which it acts as a solvent). You want to remove all traces of the vinegar. Be careful that the crystals do not dissolve in water before using this method as it is not suitable for all(General Australian) IPA(key): /ˈwoːtə/, [ˈwoːɾə]. Due to this effect and because of the up to 50 degrees cooler Preventing drain fly infestations requires clean pipes that are frequently flushed out either with water, or in more extreme cases, cleaning solutions on a regular basis. I like your passive setup, seems to be working well for such a cheap"House cleaning is much more efficient if you pick one task, such as dusting, mopping or vacuuming, and do the same task in every room of the To clean it, Shimek advises to regularly run an empty dry-heat cycle to flush out the interior, including the silverware basket, filter, panels and door gasket. Model # 67300000. May 29, 2012 · The vaporization of the water pulls large amounts of heat from the air cooling the intake charge significantly. Lets have a look at various sources and causes of water pollution. Tap water in Russia is safe and meets the country's sanitary standards, while the Russian consumer-rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor regularly tests tap water throughout the country and says it's safe to drink. As a result, there is a small fraction of methanol vapor in the atmosphere. The durable water methanol injection are made from high-quality materials to last longer. And water meth will definitely help in the cleaning department! ie would peg the gauge. close-up of a hypodermic syringe's sharp needle sitting on a black table - meth stock videos & royalty-free footage. The best DIY homemade cleaners that actually work as all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants, made from ingredients like vinegar, lemon, baking Always label any bottles of DIY cleaners with all the ingredients inside. Apr 01, 2013 · Meth overdose amount questions. (Indian English) IPA(key): [ˈwɔːʈə(r)], [ˈʋɔːʈə(r)]. One weekly routine that should never be skipped is testing the water for elevated pH levels, ammonia, and nitrites, all of which are harmful to the health of your fish. [email protected] These two compounds form a positive azeotrope (b. This tube then feeds water TOP TIP: The best water-fed window cleaning poles will actually come with both brush and sponge heads which can be interchanged depending onGraphene oxide, a substance that is poisonous to humans has been found in the Covid 19 "vaccines", in the water supply, in the air we breath through chemtrails, and is even in our food supply. Consequently, given the same flowrate, acetonitrile-based solutions apply less pressure to the column . Methanol is used as an inhibitor in natural gas pipelines, especially in cold climate The FASTWATER consortium has a strong track record with methanol projects (particularly for waterborne transport) and includes shipyards, a ship owner, engine manufacturers, an equipment supplier, a classification society, a methanol producer, a major European port and research institutes. So to me that is the the biggest advantage to having the kit. Methylene chloride, also called dichloromethane, is a volatile, colorless liquid with a chloroform-like odor. Apr 01, 2010 · Most labs use a simple water aspirator vacuum on their rotavaps, so a rotavap cannot be used for air and water-sensitive materials unless special precautions are taken i. The different ways of making meth can involve explosives, solvents, metals, salts, and corrosives. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrateGet some 25mg ephedrine pills that are easily cleaned with a TCE pull and cold dry acetone wash add 1 pint 7% tincture to 2 cups water and 2 shot glasses of muriatic acid then 1 pint hydrogen Scape out the bucket and let the meth dry. Page 2. . However, freshwater—the stuff we drink, bathe in, irrigate our Many of the water systems that keep ecosystems thriving and feed a growing human population have become stressed. . AEM Nozzle Kit Features: V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit, Includes Interchangeable Swirl Generators f Stories in this episode: Jolene fully expects a lecture from her father when he invites her to lunch, but is surprised when the conversation takes an unlikely turn; Steven's hopes for a bright future are thrown for a loop when his college football career comes to a sudden stop, causing him to spiral into his addictions until he finds God where he least expects it—an isolated jail cell. With the filters it rates a 0! Perfect! The only issue is I go through filters very quickly unfortunately!Water enemas are the simplest form of enema you can use. Feb 06, 2020 · Her mother, 26-year-old Stephanie Alvarado, realized that her daughter drank from the water bottle, which was previously used as a pipe to smoke methamphetamine. Meth is produced from simple ingredients that one can find in any drug, grocery store or ironmongery store. Advanced Signs of Meth Use: The above symptoms, plus: Extreme weight loss. Transportation equipment manufacturing. If you only used half a gram of meth in about 1-2 days, and you keep water flowing through your body all day (not necessarily excessive drinking, just continuous) you can probably get it out in 1-2 days. Jul 07, 2020 · Understanding the comprehensive range of hazards associated with methamphetamine, having a basic understanding of the most commonly followed methods of meth production can be helpful. The water/methanol injection experts bring you the best in performance and safety. Another great benefit of water/meth is that the water essentially steam cleans the motor. Methamphetamine—known as “meth”— is a laboratory-made, white, bitter-tasting powder. |Water covers 70% of our planet, and it is easy to think that it will always be plentiful. com offer the quality meth pipe on sale with worldwide free shipping. A friend suggested water/meth injection and I looked into it to find it: Drastically lowered charge temps. There are numerous internet rumours that claim water purification tablets can cleanse the body of traces of drugs. Hunger. Jun 18, 2013 · Here is the Easy Step-by-step Method to Make Meth at Home. With almost 15 years combined experience in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, we strive to consistently deliver a cleaning service so good that it will make your carpets fly. I'm another big fan of water/meth injection. 4) More economical for the street: water/methanol is a less expensive high-octane alternative to pure race gas for guys running high compression engines on the street. Global Water Use. The wires on the level sensor / LEDs are interchangeable and it does not matter which wire connects to ground 12V source. This method should be done with clean injecting equipment and requires quite a bit of know how. Light bulbs are a popular make-shift smoking solution. This new hydrogen bonding pair (water-methanol) releases energy when it forms as it is more favorable than maintaining only water-water and methanol Methanol injection kit manufacturers make and sell their own blends of meth and water

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