72,204 notes. Star Jedi Font Free . Jul 11, 2016 · 4. Click on the dropdown font menu (top left) to change the font. We are going to do all of this in Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop CC. The GIFs are low Buy Star Wars The Old Republic - Here at MMOGA, you can get your SWTOR Key to activate the game and very Travel to the most famous locations of the Star Wars universe, 3600 years before. The phrase 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. 5. Personal Use Free 218. Text Scroll is a simple app that lets you print text on your device's screen. ' which remains static on the screen and the Star Wars logo which shrinks to a central point is common to all of the films and are followed by a film-specific opening crawl. The film is set three years after the destruction of the Death Star. It's the same font as the original movie and still just as cool! Check ou the Star Wars SOLO logo below. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a Star Wars-style title crawl in HTML, just like the one embedded above. , with occasional help from others, such as Moondancer83 Star Wars Tutorial. You can request to Download  Star Wars Intro Video Maker - MakerMoon www. Scroll down to find amazing Star Wars LOGO, PNG, Vectors etc. In this Photoshop tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create the title to Star Wars. Dec 22, 2008 · The Star Wars text effect creates perspective along the horizontal x-axis, so you can use the red or orange control to add perspective until the movie clip’s edges align with your guides (Figure 2b). Jun 26, 2021 · (Optimally, the original text should be transcribed first. Do not miss the best fonts for one of the great classics, Star Wars. Make your site come alive with glowtxt text generator, create animated glowing text, logos, comments and headings for your website, blog In some cases, the right font may be auto-detected when entering text, if not, it can also be selected from the drop-down box under the "Other fonts" heading. The Opening sentence is "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Constellation map creator. 1. 2. All you'll need to create this cool text design is a couple of layer styles, a nice space texture, and a flare brush tip. 4. Each school year, Endcrawl will sponsor up to 3 student projects per film school. Create your video by combining multiple video scenes and customizing them in the video editor. Also included is a framework for using OpenGL windows in your Win32 programs. The Pantorans shared many traits with other blue-skinned races, especially the Wroonian species, and, to a lesser extent, the Chiss. sebastiendeganay. Fan sites are popping up everywhere. Westworld Intro Creator. mp3 in the same folder as the flash file. Star Wars movie opening and end credits in PowerPoint. Click on the Download button located below the font preview. ZALGO. Add music files and enjoy! for the music i used download the RS3D soundtrack: Moddb. With any of these gifts, you could help your geeky friends to immortalize their favorite Dec 30, 2021 · The Empire Strikes Back (also known as Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back) is a 1980 space fantasy film. Memorable Words of Wisdom. You can even read your SMS messages and news feeds with the crawl effect. In short, you may reproduce, reblog, and modify my content for non-commercial purposes, but you Another option is to search for Star Wars into crawl generator sites. As always: The template and the music are free, and you can use them for whatever you want. You can use up to 25 characters in your message. Let the fonts accompany you!Star Wars Name Generator: with this generate tool, you can generate star wars names yourself. Can you feel the Force? Do you want to battle evil in a galaxy far, far away? Are you on the side of light, or do you look really Some minor Star Wars characters also have unexpected sources for their identities - like President of the Commerce Guild Shu Mai (in Attack ofFancy Text Generators & Converters is fun and handy - just copy these stylish and unique designed text fonts and paste them anywhere such as in your social media posts, paste them onto your pictures for a more personal touch or even use them in your IG/Facebook stories, as well as your InstagramInteractive ASCII Text Generator. The text animation comes from using CSS only and HTML for contents. Select a style by clicking on it, and press the "Create" button to update your text using Yellow “Star Wars” Opening Text Crawl Tutorial! 1. The zalgo converter engine running behind this translator was made by combatwombat and it allows you to control the height of the zalgo distortions. 90. Star Wars movie opening and end credits in PowerPoint. Large font sizes do not auto-update. (Or purple or turquoise - your This is only scratching the surface of Star Wars fonts. Fonts • Resources Nataly Birch • September 02, 2020 • 21 minutes READ . The yellow text has become an iconic font, copied by many others since the first Many other works have sort to emulate or parody the concept of the opening words scroll, looking at you Spaceballs. Looking for Classroom Magazines? GO TO CLASSROOM MAGAZINES. It is Open Source to use. starwars. The music and the Star Wars logo are copyrights of Lucasfilm Ltd. AVS Video Editor. Login. This After Effects template includes color and text speed controllers without plugins. and Cooltext. Star Wars Adversaries is an easily searchable database of adversaries for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Roleplaying Game. This page is dedicated to the best movies ever made. The Star Wars logo font is actually custom-designed. The movie opens with a text scroll which serves as an intro to the film and then drops you into the action. However, it might be quite complicated when using it as a movie credit maker. S. " in blue, followed by the Star Wars logo over a field of stars. Step 2STAR WORDS. Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew and the Tradition of Screwball Comedy. July 04, 2005 11:21PM. This is a preview image. The syntax of each layer is as follows: The value may only be included immediately after , separated with the '/' character, like this: " center/80% ". Flaming Text Generator. The Star Wars logo should be manipulable so it can be other text in the same style. Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. I've done it a couple of times. com would be appreciated. The original Star Wars font crawl is known as Franklin Gothic but has become known as 'Univers'. Scroll to the "GAME OPTIONS" section and add the following line: EnableCheats=1. It's very easy and very fun. " Change the font to Star Jedi Hollow. Star Wars in the Office dictionary. Come out of the caves nerds, there’s a site here for you too. Use the text generator below if you want to create text graphics with the font online. 3D Synth Tons of awesome Star Wars desktop HD wallpapers to download for free. July 2017 - February 2018 internship during high school July 2018 - present working full time as freelancer • Developing mobile POS application for stores, restaurants etc. com. And it goes further than that! The Star Wars legacy has had an influence on diverse industries such as filmmaking, gaming, technology and even science. Star Wars fonts. The speed of scrolling can be controlled in Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser. News. Generate a logo with Placeit! Just enter your name and industry and our logo maker tool will give you hundreds of logo templates to choose from professionally made to fit your business. Star Wars Tutorial. Star Wars Opener - This amazing Star Wars inspired template contains no plug-ins any features of great text speed controls and color control so that you can easily customize to all your needs. People often use the generator to customize established memes, such as those found in Imgflip's collection of Meme Templates. Choose any character from Undertale/Deltarune or a large variety of Alternate Universes. Star Wars Intro Video Maker. Package Description. . To use this Star wars name generator select if you want male/female names or both, the number of them and click generate. It doesn't matter what color it is because you'll put a gradient overlay on it later. Once you’re ready, enter the text you’d like to be displayed. Stellarium is a planetarium software that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars. The free version provides all uppercase and lowercase letters and a few special characters too. You just have to type your text. Add text animation to your images with Creative Cloud Express. Automatic visual changes based on ambient light (when in darker rooms, the color scheme becomes darker to match the light) for improved readability. The app has three different text effects for you to use. So, in celebration of Star Wars day, here is a Star Wars scrolling text engine! I know it isn't in 3D like in the movies, but it is the closest you can get in Node. The Best of the Fake. This is a program for editing data of genie (DAT and DLL) files. Download more than 10,000 free fonts hassle free, desktop and mobile optimized, around for more than 20 years. The official site for Star Wars, featuring the latest on Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and Star Wars Rebels, with daily news, games, and videos. Crack a joke and share, or create a Star Wars birthday meme for a friend. Why can't I turn the input screen 90 degrees on my phone while typing!!! 3. Star Wars Intro Creatorhttps://starwarsintrocreator. com by rafael rozendaal - 2006 - www. Thanks Craig for making your work available and saving me tons of time! I'm glad browsers have caught up with these CSS3 effects. Star Fox 64 (known in Europe as Lylat Wars) is a 3D sci-fi shooter developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 on April 27, 1997 in Japan, on July 1, 1997 in North America, and on October 20, 1997 in Europe. • Meme Generator . Star wars scrolling text generator Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. Add Scrolling Text to Video (Text/Credit) So, here we are, in this step, you are about to add the scrolling text to your video. To apply a tint make a new layer and name it Tint. Move Left - A. io with following guideline in mindStar Wars Name Generator. It makes for a good personalized gift, or a neat addition to a nightstand or wall in your bedroom. Video customizations. It has become associated with the films and has frequently been parodied. We are sure that you will honestly like our collection of Star The Random Paragraph Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your paragraphs to a text editor of your choice. Aug 19, 2020 · 88. This free Photoshop text effect tutorial will become your favorite if you're a Star Wars fan. Apr 02, 2021 · This compilation is dedicated to the newest Photoshop text effects tutorials. For my game I need a scrolling text like the star wars intro. Frame-by-Frame Animation Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. Live. Customizable animations. You can also test all font to check all the ASCII art generator. Export. Tumblr Follow. Tumblr. GIF animations can be set to loop (repeat the animation) forever, or for any number of predefined times. First go to DaFont and download and install the Star Jedi fonts, then make a new black background document. r. Categories, popular, designers, optional web font download and links to similar fonts. Producer: Galyn Susman. Step 1.   p5. Multiple placeholders, including the number of player online on another BungeeCord server. Some other interesting blog posts hand-picked for you. If its a fun generator that will put forename and surnames into the mix and randomly put them together to give to new character names in the style that Star Wars would. EXPORT. Star Wars crawl text: Bits: Math: Assembly (from MS-DOS source code):Each film in the Star Wars series opens with scrolling text which provides an explanation of the backstory and context of the film. Data saved from soon-to-be-retired forum:As iconic as Darth Vader, the Force or intergalactic adventure, the opening text crawl in Star Wars films not only gives background information to audiences about the adventure they will ##Credits I created this add-in for fun, but the real power belongs to the CSS created by @CraigBuckler and shown in his 2012 article entitled Star Wars 3D Scrolling Text in CSS3. Re-Create a scrolling text crawl similar to the Star Wars Scrolling Text Crawl Intro with custom text and graphics. On my site I have character profiles. This is a guide to the Star Wars: (D6) West End Games character sheet found in the Sheet Template selection menu. Spanning nine films, two spinoffs and multiple cartoons spread out over multiple decades, Star Wars has remained a cultural phenomenCreating an intro for your PowerPoint using the signature Star Wars text crawl during the opening scene is an excellent way to captivate your audience, getting them more interested and engaged in your presentation. telnet towel. Create a Scrolling Star Wars Intro Text Effect. HBO Max is a stand-alone streaming platform that bundles all of HBO together with even more TV favorites, blockbuster movies, and new Max Originals for everyone in the family. Make the font using the RGB model again. ** Craig Buckler. Explore new gaming adventures, accessories, & merchandise on the Minecraft Official Site. List of citations so that you can verify the information and deliver accurate and quality content. Guild Wars® is an online roleplaying game that rewards player skill and innovative gameplay. It is done completely using OpenGL and shows some advanced OpenGL topics. "I Have the High Ground" is a catchphrase based on a line said by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the 2005 film Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith. May 31, 2019. Our web development services helps you to develop websites that comply with current industry standards, providing a seamless experience to your end-users. Sep 02, 2020 · This is also helpful for designers who want to learn CSS or pull off a similar, but personalized look. Use our free generator to create retro 1970s movie credits, Jedi birthday cakes, or Skywalker designs!Star Wars Text Generator. Y. " you can leave it like this or you can change it. However, if you prefer to make your custom logos, I prefer to use SF Distant Galaxy Outline. 2. cool. Enter Jan 13, 2021 · All images and text on this site are ©AFD Studios, LLC and Jeff Hebert. It converts text into several symbol sets which are listed in the second text area, and the conversion is done in real-time and in your browser using JavaScript. #star wars. Actually most tricks or effects added with JavaScript could eventually be added using pure CSS and nothing else needed. 1 or whatever, but keep the X at 0 To download the free Star Wars font called Star Jedi simply click this button. Below are link to How to Use a Downloaded Font in Cricut Design Space. ioThis video will show you an easy way to create your own customized Star 21-Dec-2019 So you guys know of any good Star Wars crawl generators? I prep the text and then stream my browser window into discord. When The Phantom Menace came along, Star Wars legend John Knoll came up with a new way to get them on screen so Mar 22, 2021 · 24Slides’ Star Wars PowerPoint Template. The Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. com Star waRS intro CreatoR. A wallpaper or background (also known as a desktop wallpaper, desktop background, desktop picture or desktop image on computers) is a digital image (photo, drawing etc. Download your files as mp3 or OGG format. Star Jedi is a high quality Sci-fi font that is designed by Boba Fonts and is available for free download personal & commercial use. 1 (secondary tiles, text to speech, send document as the body of an email, share to other apps, syncing with SkyDrive, etc). Now because I have a title text as well, this does not mean the Y keyframe will always be 0 to have the scroll end in the center. Press E on the speaker to play the Music. By default, videos are delivered in HD quality (resolution 1280x720) 8. 1. Once selected, options such as when to the start the animation, duration and delay may be changed under the animation section of the menu. WEB DESIGN. Or it is applied to a layer, but that way i cant put the text where i want toRe-Create a scrolling text crawl similar to the Star Wars Scrolling Text Crawl Intro with custom text and graphics. 10 The Imperial March (Darth Vader 's Theme) - 03:03. Fancy fonts are made of a stunning arrangement of Unicode characters which is mostly supported by major devices, platforms, and apps. Listening is easy. Be creative. This is because that shader is either applied to the text object, which makes it non scrollable. If you are playing the Star Wars the Old Republic Game, you know there are several characters you can choose from. ly/SpencerNSubIntro: 0:00 Start of tutorial: Aug 16, 2019 · The original Star Wars font crawl is known as Franklin Gothic but has become known as 'Univers'. Report Save. You can, for example, cut out your map and paste it onto a colorful card. The effect may be previewed by clicking "preview. The font will automatically convert the "@" symbol into the Star Wars logo. Star Wars Font - Star Wars Font Generator. Click the font box from the toolbar and click Add Fonts at the bottom on the list. Zalgo Text. Star wars scrolling text generator; 2 Mar 29 2010 Full Version 30 comments; Flip through memes, gifs, and other funny images; The full text then uses CSS 3D transforming to tilt and set a perspective area, the text then uses CSS animation to scroll the Figured it out by just clicking around. If you’re looking for a quick and professional picture effects online service, then PhotoFunia is the solution you’ve been looking for. This is another way that you can have that extra content on your page. The first three films used sophisticated camera work to produce the crawl. Our current collection of letters is called an alphabet because alpha-beta are the two first letters. Stencil Generator is a free online stencil text to image creator program that allows you to generate and download text letters in stencil style format for free. Cursed Text Generator. "Square". Note the animated Clone Wars movie did not have a intro word crawl, nor did Rogue One or the Solo prequel Results 1 - 15 of 69 Use our free generator to create retro 1970s movie credits, Jedi birthday cakes, or Skywalker designs! Related Styles. Select a font by clicking on the font name, eg. jeangrey leepace. Mountain. It's simple, fun, now go annoy your friends with your creations! Cool Stuff is a daily feature of slashfilm. Create your free voice model →. This new warmachine may turn the war to a victory for the republic. Mar 08, 2021 · 5. Star Wars Text Generator star wars Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise conceived by George Lucas. MessageFX 959x Free, for Windows. Custom Request. Bomber What is the Meme Generator? It's a free online image maker that lets you add custom resizable text, images, and much more to templates. You can use it for placing announcements or sharing information during the break. An animated Star Wars Intro sequence. Star Wars The Last Jedi by Chase. Kurosawa's Throne of Blood and East Asia's Macbeth. This site is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. U. This website allows you to customize a Star Wars crawl just like the ones at the beginning of every Star Wars movie, complete with opening music! It's such an iconic part of the Star Wars movies, so it is a perfect way to start the theme for a Star Wars party. js is a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, beginners, and anyone else! p5. It seems like there is a Star Wars quote for just about every occasion. In these star patterns in the python article, we will see the printing of different patterns of stars in a simple manner. Download 18 fonts. The Jedi Knight enjoys the benefit of ancient teachings that have been passed down through hundreds of generations. I freaking love Star Wars, but could not find a web version of the original opening crawl from 1977. Make your own 'Snow Flakes' posters in Word or PowerPoint. Dec 12, 2014 · HTML marquee vertical scrolling text is a a scrolling piece of text displayed vertically on your website. Notice: The title “Star Wars,” and other text, imagery, and graphic sequences These animations determine how and where the text moves over your scene. You can create multiple fonts style at a time without any hard work. At the top center of the screen, select SYSTEM. • Drag the background image you want to use onto A/V Track 2 on your timeline. And the two game designers were Chuck Kallenbach (Senior Game Designer) and Dan Burns (Creative Art Director). Zalgo text and demonic text distorter is based on a meme whereOur content generated by a cursed text generator will give your subscribers a breath of fresh air. paper toilet . Just enter your own Opening sentence, Title, Episode Name, Subtitle and Text ,Then Crawl in style. Star wars scrolling text generator Star wars scrolling text generator Since its inception, Star Wars has grown into one of the most well-known franchises in pop-culture history (to wit, it is the most cited franchise on this very site). Font Meme is a fonts & typography resource. The most stylish generator is frequently used in all If you wish to generate text that's stylish and cool, scroll through our assortment of font choices and choose one which suits your mood!Welcome on one of the best user friendly fancy text generator website, this website allows you to convert your normal looking text into fancy The future of this kind of Unicode text font generator website is quite great, in future almost everyone is going to use fancy name on social media and[PSA] STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, World War Z: Aftermath, other gamesUse this text generator to make zalgo text for use on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Er zijn veel Text Art afbeeldingen online te vinden. Distorted text, aka cursed text and glitch text effect generator, is originally known as Z҉A҉L҉G҉O. Share. Jan 13, 2021 · All images and text on this site are ©AFD Studios, LLC and Jeff Hebert. Easy to change to your own text. It only works in Snow Leopard in Safari 4. You can use our images for unlimited commercial purpose without asking permission. Combine your photos and video clips with music to make professional videos that’ll impress. Star wars intro CReator Developed by Bruno Orlandi and Nihey Takizawa based on Tim Pietrusky work. The Scrolling LED Gif Generator is a small tool used to create animated GIFs. com - Custom Star Wars Crawl generator. Anyone can make a preset! Architect's Aligner (Guardian 4 piece) While Berserked, you radiate [ 45% of Attack Power ] Cosmic damage to nearby enemies and heal yourself for [ 61% of Attack Power ] every 1 sec. The first film in the franchise was originally released on May 25, 1977, by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, followed by two sequelsp>This is a demonstration of Star Wars-style scrolling 3D titles in CSS3. Just edit the text, and you’re good to go! The project is made in 1080p50 format, but can easily be changed to whatever you need. blogspot. Select "more entrance effects. Use a scrolling video filter on a text source. In doubt please refer to the readme file in the font package or contact the designer directly. This effect scrolls your text up the screen. To get your logo, click the Use a text editor to edit the "swkotor. There are characters like Cather, Chiss, Cyborg, Human, Miraluka, Mirialan, Nautolan, Rattataki, SithGenerating fancy text. Dec 15, 2019 · A long, long time ago in a browser far, far away. Therefore, its functional efficiency is important for your market reputation. Every student in every school deserves the opportunity to study computer science. 0. If you’re looking for a specific planet and can’t find it here, try using the search page. It shows how to: Display the opening text with fades Zoom out and scale the Star Wars logo into the distance Tilt and scroll the text into the distance, complete with perspective effect and fades Cool Text Graphics Generator Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. FREE SHIPPING available + FREE Returns on workout clothes, shoes & gear. Create cool scrolling or boucing text, or images that. Adding Text. Underwater city. Why can't I edit my text?? My only option is to backspace from the end!!!!! 4. Below are… Double click the text to customize it and adjust the rolling speed by dragging the text track (the longer it lasts, the slower it scrolls) Adjust the rolling credits to your liking and export the file. You can even combine the map with printed photos or newspaper cutouts. 0. Jan 21, 2022 · Allow auto scrolling through the list of books by pressing the X key or right clicking on the cover browser. This name generator will generate 10 names fit for the Mandalorians of the Star Wars universe. Combined marks are special characters that allow you to modify any previous character. Use "|" as separator. Next Font Machete Kills Font. Nov 16, 2020 · Der zweite Eintrag darin lautet: "Stock Text Presets" (etwa: Text-Voreinstellungen, die auf Lager sind). HD wallpapers and background images Scroll saw patterns, designs, plans, templates, and projects. star wars scrolling text generator, star wars scrolling text generator powerpoint, star wars scrolling text generator free animateText. 92. Apr 27, 2013 · Edit the text to say "@. Here's a simple example of how you could do what you want:Text Terminal 3,462x Free, for Windows. Tags: 100 percent free fonts 1001 fonts gothic 1001 free fonts star wars 3d star outline 7 font 7 letters movie download 8 bit font dafont 9 movie font à fond film telecharger a long time ago star wars font a new hope font a new hope intro text add font imovie add star wars text to photo adobe disney font adobe illustrator star wars adobe text is a Surface, not a string anymore, so you can't index it like a string and hope to get a part of the text. Mar 03, 2018 · Photoshop can produce some amazing works of art. Just one text message - no need to refill the donation form! Here’s how it works: Oct 09, 2020 · Fun Text is an add-on that lets you add all kinds of neat visual effects to your text, including rainbows, random colors, fades, and much more. The iconic opening crawl of Star Wars is so well-known, and so easily manipulable, that it was Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. Feel free to share your story prologues with me! Made in Unity. It includes the music and is easily editable to whatever you need it for. Just edit the text, and you're good to go! The project is made in 1080p50 format, but can easily be changed to whatever you need. Many reviewers focus on the perceived flaw of "too much description. You can easily import your own text files and make adjustments without 16-Nov-2020 Vor langer Zeit, in einer fernen Galaxie, rollte ein gelber Text in den Scrolling Credits", also der Vorspann im Stil von Star Wars. why can't i open this? Edited August 07, 2012 William Shakespeake Sonnet Generator. No techincal expertise required. Star Wars opening crawl parodies refers to parodies of the opening the first Star Wars crawl generators, which allowed fans to enter any block of text 18-Aug-2020 This was created using my “Movie Credit Generator”: Star Wars credits HTML file: STAR WARS crawl example August 2020. The effect of text scrolling both up and away from the screen was both a crazy cool special effect for a It is entirely independent run. I also have a sneak peak at the story line for episode 1. George Lucas, 133 minutes. Here's the fonts, colors, background and other details to emulate the opening and closing credits. You can enter your own text, use a text file, a web site, a RSS news feed, and even Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. Star Wars Adversaries. Click on preview to edit. Add the neon effect to text and shape layers to create life-like flickering neon sign graphics that interact with surrounding elements. One of these is the scroll effect. ITC Serif Gothic Heavy Font on fonts. They were creatures that dwell in the depths of the ocean and came to the The official AutoHotkey community forums - share your scripts or functions, find answers to your questions and discuss topics with other members Jan 23, 2022 · Star Wars Scrolling Text Generator Three frames representative of opening sequences from films in the Skywalker Saga. Jan 31, 2017 · The opening to Star Wars is iconic. Get 300,000+ icons, photos, and illustrations without ever needing to leave Figma! * We offer an extensive free tier. Lucas didn’t see these serials at the movies, but on television. From the Expanded Universe to The Clone Wars, from the live action series to The Old Republic, AND the upcoming Star Wars Sequel trilogy and other new SW films, The Star Wars Report is your source for in-depth news coverage from that galaxy far, far away

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