At their core, they do fall under the Mutable modality, being easily changeable and flexible. You'll also find words andAccording to Carter for Interest in Astrology - " Uranus is traditionally the astrological planet, and this is probably correct, at least as regards the deeper aspects of the science. de 2021 Virgo is the hardest working sign. 2 July 2017. 3 de mar. London view from the Elizabeth 10 de set. If You Have These Aspects in Your BirthAstrology Placements in Your Birth Chart That Indicate Fame Popularity , Clout, Social how to deal with difficult astrological transits? how to deal with challenging natal chart placements? in this videoThe Ten Worst Astrological Placements - My Christian Psychic. Weitere Ideen zu sternzeichen, horoskop, wassermann astrologie. Although its really bad placement, its not as prominent because its aspected pretty well. We're Talking About Pertaining To Explore astrology posts and see what others have been writing about. With its strong influence on your personality, character, and emotions, your sign is a powerful#Astrology #astrology notes #Astrology Observations #Earth Signs #Water Signs #Fire Signs #Air12th house placements can very much have a tendency to have a lot of secrets to themselves. I also show you how to use astrology as a guide to making important decisions in life, such as when to buy a computer, when to get married, and when to simply take it easy for a while. de 2019 One example of an unfavorable position in the birth chart is having Saturn in the second house. This is the "fate" of astrology. ASTROLOGY SYNASTRY + PLACEMENTS OBSERVATIONS I'm actually quite pissed cause this was all rewritten and i was in a long way of posting but i accidentally deleted the whole thing andhow to deal with difficult astrological transits? how to deal with challenging natal chart placements? in this video, i discuss görünümler 14 B3 yıl önce. Worst Astrology Placements and the information around it will be available here. Let a planet just be as it is; any sign placement of any planet What placements are rarest to have? And why? a study was done on the rarest signs in the USA ⬇️ below is the % of each ☀️ sign & the MTL common ☀️ sign in the country. e. my culture frowns at age differences. Here you'll find news for the year, for the month and for dates this month when important changes are happening in our skies. That is the planet of karma. de 2015 trashpandadruid said: For you Easiest/Hardest placements for each planet, could you themothdream reblogged this from scorpio-astrology. Info about Worst Astrology Aspects University. ৰাশি ফল. Worst Astrology Placements! Watch later. The Worst Astrological Placements. You can gain a fair idea of what your day will look like and then plan it accordingly. If you have karmic debt from previous lives in an area of your life, that will be represented by the placement of both Saturn and Capricorn. Astrology Library. Keep scrolling and read astrology predictions for your zodiac sign. de 2020 Astrologist Lisa Stardust reviews the astrological events that will create shake ups in 2021 and shares her predictions for each zodiac sign Medical astrology, called iatromathematics, isn't likely to get the Let's see what areas of the body are associated with your astrological sign. Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about, in my opinion, the worst astrological placements. Placements usually seen as unlucky/bad/negative. 2. Log in with Facebook Log in with Google. Some of these are not the run of the mill "BestIs it possible? I have a few unfavorable chart placements that unfortunately may get in my way in the I know astrology is just a guide, but I wanted to know just how powerful it was in comparison toBecause astrology simultaneously operates in the realms of the collective and individual The placement of Freia in our charts reminds us where we can harness our unique powers as both loverLike all challenging Astrology placements this is never a "bad" thing. NotMyPlanetTYVM. In this type of astrology, the signs are oriented around the seasons, with the 1st degree ofRead a complete astrology guide providing information on astrology aspects, history, astrology It is cast as a circle made up of twelve segments (pie pieces astrologers call Houses) and populated withCafe Astrology. And, when it comes to their own kids, that goes into total overdrive. This zodiac sign is so connected with the subconscious that it almost feels more familiar to it than the real world!The Ten Worst Astrological Placements - My Christian Psychic This is my opinion based on doing charts and picking people's brains which is one of my hobbies. Welcome to Pandora's monthly astrology forecast. The Worst Astrological PlacementsПодробнее. While Sun is considered for the physical health of a person in Astrology. That's what I love the most about you. The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need . Sun in Aquarius 10H, Moon in Scorpio 6H , Taurus rising, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Capricorn 9H, Mars in Pisces 11H, Jupiter in Pieces 11H, Saturn in Aries 12H, Uranus in Aquarius, Neptune in Aquarius, Pluto in Sagittarius 7H. Taurus is a sensual fixed and earthy sign that needs to feel pleasure with all the senses. After studying several synastry charts of married/long-lasting couples, there were a few aspects which stood out to me. 21 de dez. As a basic definition: Astrology is an art form that uses the placement of the planets andAstrology ascribes meaning to the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky—the signs of the zodiac. Lilith in astrology is about your hidden passions, desires, and burning issues that are often ignored. Preview6 hours ago The Saturn placement is indicative of responsibility andAstrologer Madalyn Hillis-Dineen explains that understanding your natal chart as it relates to astrocartography can help you figure out which physical locations are best for you in terms of romance-having personal planets/placements [sun, moon, ascendant, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter and/or mc] in leo degrees which are known as the 'degrees of fame', which are 5, 17 and 29. Over the centuries, each sign has developed its Too many cancer placements (moon, venus and jupiter in cancer in the 7th house). "Best Astrology Placements ! house placements astrology View the latest news and breaking › Get more: Worst placements in astrologyDetails Post. When it comes to the aspects, the square brings the most 17 de set. de 2013 Saturn conjunct Venus in Taurus conjunct ascendant in 12th house. You might discover a stellium in aAstrology Software Programs and Lessons for love and financial astrology using Magi Astrology - Magi Society. bruh, 14 de nov. Neptune: Neptune on your chart affects your dreams About Astrology Gains We strive to unravel this sense of wonder and mystery by bringing you all information related to Career, Marriage, Love and Relationship issues, Health, Business, Wealth, Property and Litigation, Name Analysis, Child Related issues, Birth Time Rectification, Gemstone Recommendation, Progeny, Husband Wife Disputes, Court Cases, Vashikaran Services, Complete Life Prediction What Is Your Mental Disorder According To Your Zodiac Sign. The Part of Tens. Email. In Hindu Astrology, Shani means which moves slowly- shanaiye shanaiye. How Promiscuous is Each Zodiac 10 de jan. Rahu In The 4th House: Vedic Astrology. 12. Hey, it's either this or one of those really irritating PayPal donation buttons here. III: astrology placements. With the inclusion of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in the mix, these placements show you how youIn predictive astrology, problems will result from this placement according to the affairs it rules 12 Degrees of Leo, degree of beauty. There may be other astrological placements in their charts, as well as an understanding of the inherent values of the partner, that could make a relationship work. Log in. Aug 07, 2021 · If you instead desire lots of foreplay, empathetic sharing, and emotional depth during sex, then the Sagittarius man might not be your type. Uranus: The placement of Uranus on your chart shows your visionary side, how you rebel, and represents flashes of genius and inspiration. The main type of astrology practiced on tumblr is Tropical. libra pisces ↑ sagittarius. Mars in Virgo 4. The Virgo man can make an amazing dad because they are generally very concerned with the well-being of those they love. Everybody has a different interpretation of what bad is and what it means…Aquarius. Gemini and Taurus. WHATEVER COMES OUT! Northern Starlite Tarot LLC2 часа назад. 1. Buy My Stuff Keep Bad Astronomy close to your heart, and help make me filthy rich. 2 de fev. Shop. They are not in order of difficulty. An introduction to the basics of the Zodiac signs, love matches, and birth charts. Zodiac Signs - Astrology Placements. Share. At their worst, fire signs can come off as 14 de jan. Remember, these are general predictions of the month ahead, so you should read both your sun sign and ascendant horoscope to get aIndia's management schools saw a 23% drop in placements in the academic year 2020-21 as compared to 2019-20, according to data compiled by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE Lucky astrology aspects are usually what most people want to learn about whenever having an astrological chart reading. In fact, if you calculate your full birth chart, you’ll get a lot more detail abouPrivate placement refers to offering and selling shares in a company to a small group of buyers. Ill luck, fear, humiliation, adversity, place of enemy, weapons, place of battle. You can have a poorly aspected Jupiter which means other planets make bad angles with it and change its positive energy to something less positive. de 2013 While the success of your marriage probably has nothing to do with the position of Venus, astrological signs can impact how people feel 5 de fev. Natal Placements/Aspects. 30 de dez. But there's also an underlying sense of pettiness. Astrology Reveals The Answer! Why Do People Commit Suicide? Astrology Reveals The Answer! The entire country is shocked with the sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Horoscope Today, January 20, 2022:I have 8th house placements in both Sun & Venus. . The most common placements, in general, are in the 12th house and that probably comes from the fact that a lot of people have a deep connection with their family or on the total opposite hide things from them. Neptune in the sixth house can be a position of suffering if this fate is not interpreted by the chart holder in its best light. Astrology. Info. Get the details on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's and more. See All Astrology Tech Food Travel. Would love to hear many insights about 8th house placements. Part V. Mars in Scorpio 3. I have water void or perhaps low water chart as I only have Jupiter in cancer and Uranus in Scorpio. In The Astrological Houess, the astrologer Dane Rudhyar called the birth chart a mandala, and one that "tells an individual how he can best fulfill his destiny. 3) Mercury in Capricorn in 10th house 27 de out. " Your Mars placement can tell you a lot about that. Right now, this placement is the worst at play for three @thatgirl my nessus is in virgo in 8th house whenever I have let a man into my life they were abusive. de 2019 I see a lot of sweet baby astrologers online answer unequivocally It's like drawing an upside down tarot card—the worst qualities of the 8 de nov. It just means you might have Every sign & placement tends to grow, change, and mature throughout the course of peoples lives. It’s been really hard. Virgo. According to Placidus, Aries is intercepted in 12th with Moon conjunct Chiron 6 de jun. I look to Mars a lot when couples Planets Responsible for Good Health in Medical Astrology. de 2019 Aquarius, the mooltrikona sign for Saturn and Rahu, is considered most inauspicious Ascendant to have. Remember me on this computer Nov 10, 2021 · Although astrology is an extremely complex study, the most fundamental principle of astrology centers on the 12 familiar star signs of the zodiac. ) Neptune in 5th house square Saturn (5th). This astrological placement is how you express your unconscious personality. 78 thoughts on "The Ten Worst Astrological Placements". This is my opinion based on doing charts and picking people's brains which is one of my hobbies. Some million times more than others. Collection by. 15 de jul. › astrological aspects in natal chart. According to Vedic astrology, placement of Saturn in the seventh house bestows the natives with power, wisdom, knowledge andHe said that 4 of the 11 chronic cases, one of whom has been ill for 14 years, were discharged eventually, and the other 7 improved a great deal and were given occupational therapyAfter a multitude of requests to do a post about astrological placements that pertain to NSFW But honestly, people with these placements can really dish out that bad bitch energy when they want!What do the stars say about you? Chat with an expert astrologer to answer your questions about love, relationships, money, career, and life path. These four elements help describe the unique personality types associated with astrological signs. 9. InAn introduction to the basics of the Zodiac signs, love matches, and birth charts. New York, NY. book a birth chart reading here: taurus placements, especially taurus sun and mars, are the type of people to do something only if there's a10 Influential Astrology Instagrams For You To Desperately Cling To For Spiritual Guidance. Lots of siblings I find to have the same moon sign and that stems from having a similar relationship with their mother/ more emotionally At worst, astrology is annoyingly accurate. 13 de jun. Moon. de 2020 astrology, the twelfth house was the worst of the twelve houses, The house placement of the twelfth house ruler answers the second. 24 de jan. Geminis can indeed be unpredictable, flighty, and, yes, even the worst of their stereotypes — two-faced — from time to time. The absolute worst astrology placements to have. Details: Home Love & Astrology The Worst Synastrical Aspects.   The buyers are typically sophisticated investors such as banks, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies and very wealthy investors. Let's first examine Jupiter, which looks like this on your chart: Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion and good luck. Experience and thus Transcend. See more ideas about astrology report, astrology, astrology zodiac. This creates a restriction of resources and 17 de mar. "Your Mars placement can tell you how important sex is and the types of sex you enjoy. But in the case of stressfull aspects, a bounding between partners occures anyway, and anyway it create possibility toAt worst, astrology is annoyingly accurate. You never do thing half way. This New Year's Eve will grant us all an opportunity to reflect on what These zodiac signs are expected to have the worst holiday season. Good or bad health depends on the strength or weakness of these planets. Scorpio. Scorpio men make my list I'm a total b!tch on my period. I'm updating it a bit because people will soon revisit those same places in their…The energy of a square placement feels a lot like being rubbed the wrong way, or like you're butting heads with someone or something. So, a career as a Vedic astrology considers Moon to be the most important planet, so studying the placement of MoonCategory: Learn Astrology. com Staff. For The Black Moon represents our shadow selves. de 2021 Astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat shares how to interpret your Mercury sign and how Mercury retrograde affects you based on your birth chart. de 2021 If you're an Aquarius and wondering which zodiac sign is your ideal 20 and February 18 — or who have other astrological placements in What happens in each of the zodiac sign dates when Mercury is in retrograde, by The Old Farmer's Almanac. What are the good and bad aspects of astrology?Daily Horoscopes, Tarot and Psychic Readings. de 2019 The Best & Worst Zodiac Signs To Date. Bad Ass Astrology on Instagram: "#BadAsstrology#aries#taurus#gemini#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#piscesVedic astrology based calculators, charts and readings. The 3rd house has the potential to become the worst house of the horoscope as it is linked to the desires of the dual mind. 9 degrees of Pisces is one of the worst degrees in the Zodiac. Birth Chart Entry. This zodiac is in the first place because they hate senseless discussions and raise their voices when it is not necessary. de 2021 Your horoscope can guide and uplift you throughout the day, preparing you for any hurdles and challenges you might face. Which are the Best and Worst Astrological Days. Saturn is known as the stern teacher and that is the planet that represents the lessons that need to be learned. the only way for me to stay safe 4. Originals. I'm 2juana-la-loca2. Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac. You may be like most people and want to know what your natural talents are. It probably won't come as a shock that another water sign is toward the bottom of my ranking. What placements are in your opinion the worst astrological placements? Is Mercury in Pisces really so 1. Rule Breakers. Just as each of us have some physical health issues, no flawless human psychology can exists too. Complete information about astrology zodiac signs dates, meanings and compatibility. ASTROLOGY LIBRARY. Worst Astrology Placements!Подробнее. Those are the areas of your life that you would find to be the Astrology can give you a fair idea of how your stars are aligned and how the day will shape up for you. com. . The signs all change with the 13 sign system as you know. 74 thoughts on " The Ten Worst Astrological Placements " Akemi July 26, 2013 at 7:38 am. If the service given is seen as compassionate and loving, Neptune can experience joy in the sixth house. Role Of Saturn In Astrology. de 2019 My placements could explain my desire to stay home or go out, At its worst, using astrology to look inward is perhaps just another way 29 de dez. I was close to a Scorpio for a really long time, but I don't think I could ever allow myself to be again. Generally, this means that the planet and sign are emphasized further. Reply 18 de jan. Sign up. I have water void or perhaps low water chart as I Aries with Pisces Placements is a current pattern in famous artists, rising I've met has immaculate fashion taste while Leo risings dress the worst. de 2020 Astronomy and astrology do not agree on the dates of the zodiac constellations. I use the Tropical ephemeris to find aspects and for house placements, and that is all that is needed from it. Смотреть The Worst Astrological Degrees Скачать MP4 360p, MP4 720p. basically, I cannot date anyone in my age bracket (considering these a slow moving bodies and my country isn't wide enough to change placements). Your moon sign is the reality you live in. Know about your Planetary positions, sun sign etc based on ancient Indian vedic astrology. de 2021 Western astrology divides the zodiac by four elements: air, fire, irascible placement, trigger-happy in the best and worst of ways. ) Are Sagittarius Men Freaky? Apr 09, 2015 · And when the Kings of Babylon or Egypt needed a answer fast (or the hapless astrologer is beheaded or fed to the crocodiles) a quick scan of the 12 sign aspects was much safer. my worst zodiac placement is Saturn in Aries / 3H. Lilith is the name of a dark, powerful figure whose history has been lost to time but who is still actively creating change. He’s not particularly keen on diving deep into feelings and emotions (unless he has some water placements). People often wonder what the worst aspects in synastryJuno, Astrology, Placements, Info, Signs, Tumblr, Asteroid, Extra Astro Info. com, tells Refinery29. 5 de mai. Virgos are one of the few people who you just could never call lazy, seriously, that is at least. Sun in Scorpio 2. Shopping. Planet Saturn has also been named after his nature. CRITICAL DEGREES in ASTROLOGY | How they affect YOU. Every placement has a deeper meaning with respect to individual horoscope. The more spiritually inclined astrologer may need some experience of psychotherapy to work on this level. de 2019 The 3rd house has the potential to become the worst house of the horoscope as it is linked to the desires of the dual mind. Keep reading and compare to your own Astrology chart to see if you have any of these golden See which planets in your natal Astrology can indicate great success for you! By Tarot. Pisces is the sign of the psychic. The hyper-personalized, social astrology experience. Oct 29, 2018 · Astrology (as well as treatment, medications, writing, and mindfulness) has helped me understand why I’m trapped in self-destructive behaviors and thoughts. Here you get detailed Synastry chart reading or inclusive analysis ofastrological placements | Use our converter online, fast and completely free. They are the type of dad that goes to every PTA meeting, never misses a soccer game, and constantly thinks of ways to make life more fun, interesting In traditional astrology both detriment and fall will tend to hinder or create problems in the expression of that planet. 5 de mar. de 2021 But what about the star cross'd lovers? The ones that were never meant to be? Here are the worst matches in the zodiac. Copy link. Tap to unmute. However, many of us don't have this and we enjoy all of Jupiter's Regardless of how Black Moon Lilith in Leo is expressed, this Lilith astrology placement is all about what others think of you and about your concern over how the world and the masses see you. de 2014 74 thoughts on " The Ten Worst Astrological Placements " Akemi July 26, 2013 at 7:38 am. 17 de dez. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting 16 de jun. Vedic astrology doesn't predict good endingsThere's no such thing as "worst astrological placement". I n this part, I tell you the traditional markers associated with ten different talents. Related: 5 Clear Signs that a Sagittarius Man Likes You. de 2021 Through my blogs and video presentations, I have clarified many times that the horoscopes' planets are located according to the placement of Discover more posts about bad+placements. Chiron conjunct the ASC Almost all cases of this has been severe bullying. Create your natal chart here. I'm just under the assumption that my life will get worse and worse. - Placements - Aspects -Have you had a bad astrology reading? Do you see your sun sign or placements or aspects as Synastry or birth chart compatibility is an Astrological way to find a highly compatible partner for love, marriage and relationship. Below is a list of all aspects and placements I found to be present or dominating in the charts of these 12 killers. British homebuilders are set for their worst weekly performance since before the first UK lockdown in 2020 under the weight of discounted stock placements, a weak trading update the government To aid in this transformation, I did some divining: these zodiac signs will have the best (and worst!) New Year's Eve . de 2021 Generally, Mars, Saturn, Pluto are considered the most malefic planets in astrology. 9. Which Synastry Aspects indicate marriage? Determining marriage from a synastry chart can be challenging. In this article, you can learn more about Chiron in astrology, its placement by signs and houses If you don't learn the lessons of Chiron, at worst, you can unintentionally hurt others the same way youastrology placements Do you want to learn the secret code to figuring out every placement in- Mutable signs seem to have the worst tempers out of the modalities, because they struggle to(psa no placement is a "Bad placement". The Ten Worst Astrological Placements - My Christian Psychic. The give and take in intimate relationships comes easily and naturally. The mood swings I have already just get worse it's kinda funny tbh. 23 de set. de 2019 Saturn in 5th house. Therefore, it has been very common for people to be diagnosed with specific mental disorder. On the other hand, do not take them The Worst, Most Evil Zodiac Signs, Ranked According To Astrology. You likely know your sun sign, the most famous zodiac sign, evenAre there bad placements in astrology? Do I have a bad placement in my chart? These questions are always coming up. MyDomaine. In astrology, your Big 6 includes your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, and Mars placements. These three degrees are super important in astrology and are called critical degrees. Self-care & mindful tips. Join this forum where anViimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä Co - Star (@costarastrology). 08:44. There are no bad placements in astrology! There may be unfavorable positions in a chart but that doesn't mean it's "bad". de 2018 In determining unity, Venus' placements are of vital importance because it can help you understand what your partner wants in a relationship. Moon is considered for the mental health of a person. Which Zodiac Signs are Easiest and Hardest to Date? iii. Astrology Zodiac Signs. de 2020 So what is Lilith in our astrological chart? Our Lilith placement is where we cut the bullsh*t so we can get to the heart of the matter. " For example, a Taurus in Mars placement might like to keep things soft and sensual while an Aquarius#Astrology #Tarot QUICK READ. From contemporary astrologers with hyper-personalised chart advice, to the humble cosmic meme Ever wondered what your astrological zodiac sign says about you? Well, it’s a little more complicated than knowing what sign correlates with your birth date. Unexpected death of a 3) Mars in pisces in 12th. Sometimes, "obvious" marriage indicators (i. Bad Girl Aesthetic. Akemi July 26, 2013 at 7:38 am. × Close Log In. Sushant Singh Rajput was a successful Television and Bollywood actor, who was One of the best placements in astrology, Venus in the eighth house brings finesse, beauty and pleasure to the eighth house. Unearth what astrology holds for you by exploring our free tools and articles across our site and menu section. Pisces Psychic Abilities in Astrology . With this, the police have stated that this incident seems to be a case of suicide. Temple of Cosmic Astrology - 5D Astrology for Mystics & Alchemists. Astrologer Heather Ealand and Astrologer Astro Dee/DeAriesha Mack discuss The Best and worst aspects in love and Women: Worst Placement in your birth Chart. Astrology chart readings, intuitive Tarot Readings, Astrology Mentorships, training and guidance with the intention of helpingAstrology by Libramc. People with placements in this sign are intuitive, investigative, and impossible to lie to. According to the established opinion by the experts in astrology, Aquarius is considered as one of the kindest signs of the entire horoscope, even the most benevolent of all. But I think Mercury, Sun, and Pluto in such close conjunction can be a powerful tool for thorough self-transformation through the mind. Placements we don´t like personallypsychologically astrology. " (among other things). 7 de mar. 4% : virgoThe 7 Best & 6 Worst Places On Your Body To Get A Tattoo, According To Tattoo Artists That's all thanks to the placement. 10. Even my late father brought me to the forensic unit as an 8 year old to see his late aunt for the last time before his own death 3 months later. Serial Killer Astrology: Part I. I have to deal with family deaths from a very young age. de 2020 Mars's placement reflects how we go after them, Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Astrology. Astrology - Aquarius Sun/Venus/rising, Cancer Moon Best Venus Placement: 2nd, 7th or 12th house Worst Venus Placement: 8th, 1st, or 5th house. Whether it's hurting another person or At the root of all rumors, maybe there is some truth (after all, there's definitely a dark side to each zodiac sign). Password. 17 de jan. (Fertility problems, difficulties in birth and love life. More On: astrology. Go to Cafe Astrology Home. And like Pisces, Scorpios are emotional and lack empathy. planets in each other's 7th house) fail to predict a couple's future. A Brief Introduction to Astrology. You are currently in the Free Reports section of the Cafe Astrology site. Leo season 2019 will likely be the worst if your zodiac sign is Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, but it's important to consider your personal placements before you assume the end is near. Ranked from worst zodiac sign to best zodiac sign. There is much criticism of the negative connotations of these terms, and much insistence that a planet in a debilitated state can be a strong asset in a chart. In traditional astrology, the Sun and Moon each rule one Sign, and the other birth chart is in a Sign that is opposite to one of the “good” placements?8 de out. We live in a world where our environment is surrounded by mentally ill people. de 2017 Top 10 Worst Placements To Piss Off Scorpio-astrology: 1. de 2020 Here's a list of the best and worst placements for each planet that would be Of course there's some certain signs in the zodiac that are 25 de jul. 6% : scorpio 9. › worst placements in astrology. As you expand your understanding of astrology beyond your sun sign, you may be surprised to You may have planetary placements in fire, earth, air, and water signs. There is no "This placement of yours is squared with this placement right now, which means you should keep an Overall, Co—Star is one of the worst astrology apps I've personally encountered. or. The book, "Self Learning Course in Astrology" gives clear-cut guidance that any planet placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house from the ascendant would be treated as a bad placement